Transformative workshops

Transform. Move. Peak. 

Our PeakXP workshops are designed to be the spark that catalyzes your transformation. 

Peak Transformation

Mega CBD Infused Cacao + Ritual Intention Grounding Ceremony + Breath work +Bio-Energetic Catharsis + Trauma Release Guided Meditation

Let’s face it, we all experience hurts and disappointments. Are you ready to let it go and transform?
A guided multi-level transformation workshop that includes a special opening ceremony with mega CBD infused cacao, followed by a ritual intention grounding ceremony, dynamic breathwork,     bio-energetic catharsis through dancing, shaking, bouncing and yelling, and finally, a guided visual meditation will bring the workshop to a close.

What to know more? 

Peak Integration


So you’ve transformed! Now What? Peak Integration is a masterclass in grounding clarity and assimilating lasting change. We will be utilizing transformative methods of breath work and dynamic movement to optimize our state as we journey through Self-Authoring, sigil crafting, and guided visualization meditations exercises programed to enforce execution as we map a clear path to your dreams. Connect with a  community of accountability that will support you!! Change yourself forever. Change the world.

Journey Through Space


Live Music + Epic Lighting + Breath work and yoga

Come experience an out of this world exploration of flow through movement. Lead by Sean Riley to the music of DJ trap featuring Bridgid Bibbens on electric violin. A cosmic mix of vinyasa yoga, epic lighting, intense breath work, and guided meditation, all backed up by a one of a kind audio collaboration.

Cacao Ceremony

Traditional Cacao Ceremony

Experience ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao, guided meditation, activation and transformational movement. Allow this delicious event to revitalize your senses, nourish your body, awaken your inner guidance and open your heart to experience more of your true SELF! Come home to your heart's embrace with the sacred medicine of Cacao, community and embodiment practices.