How It Works

For Host Spaces

PeakXP Curates Novel Workshops For Host Spaces For FREE! 

All Host Spaces must first apply and qualify in order to ensure our clients the highest quality of experience. Our network then connects various likeminded communities in order to attract novel cliental and offer an alternative revenue source at $0 monetary risk.

Services We Provide

  • Free Custom Flyer Design.
  • Free Targeted Local Flyer marketing.  
  • Free Online marketing through our members only email list, and all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). 
  • We provide staffing for all events, and handle all the behind the scenes organization. 
  • We connect you to certified high level instructors to offer unique out-of-this- world workshops and experiences.
  • Gain exclusive access to partner companies in the community.
  • Choose from a wide selection of Transformative workshops and Movement Experiences customized to match your clients. 



For Master of ceremony

Our dream is to help you maximize what you have to offer. If your event/workshop/experience is aimed to help people grow, we are here to help you ensure its success!


  • We provide all inventory for workshops, including custom lighting, music, and aromatherapeutic ambiance.
  • We help you to design custom informational take home content for each event.
  • You get access to all of our marketing services (Free Custom Flyer Design, Free Targeted Local Flyer marketing, Free Online Marketing.
  • We connect you to our network of Host Spaces so you always have a selection of awesome venues to utilize.
  • We provide Free staffing for your event.

How The Money Works

At PeakXP we believe in the win-win. All pricing is set by the Host Space and profits are distributed at a set percentage of  37.5% for the Host Space, 12.5% commission on sales, 25% goes to the instructor, & 25% goes back into PeakXP so we can continue to provide ever improving  experiences.

Example of Pricing Split: So out of $40 attendee purchase (average pricing): $10 goes to PeakXP, $10 goes instructor, $15 goes to host space, $5 goes to commission on sales.

We've found this strategy to be most suited for success because every party involved in the process is monetarily incentivized to do their best to create a successful event.