Host Us!

What Does It Mean To Be A Host Space?

What makes PeakXP unique is our approach to collaboration with the spaces that host our transformative experiences. We want to create a symbiotic relationship by providing services that bring a novel value to our beloved hosts. It's important to us that the spaces we host events in share our intent of working towards the betterment of all. Ideal host spaces bring a unique community and center around the common theme of wellness. (etc. yoga studios, )

Do You Qualify?

We qualify host spaces to ensure they meet our standard for best possible experience. 

Some considerations: 

  • Convenient location for customers
  • Adequate parking for employees and customers
  • Type of space (industrial, retail, etc.)
  • Types of businesses nearby
  • The size of your location
  • The type of building (retail, industrial, commercial, etc.)
  • Utilities

Apply To Host

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